Crochet: Chain Stitch

The chain stitch forms the foundation row in crochet. It is quick and easy to make.

1. Begin with a slipknot.

2. Wrap the yarn over the hook in an anticlockwise direction (or hold the yarn still and manoeuvre the hook)

3. Bring the yarn over the hook from back to front...

4. and pull it through the loop on the crochet hook

5. One chain stitch has been formed. To make another chain stitch, hook another loop and draw it through. Repeat as many times as necessary. As you crochet, use your thumb and index finger to guide your newly formed chain stitches downward.

6. To count chains correctly as you make them, do not count the initial slip loop as a chain. To count them afterwards, first make sure that they are not twisted and that you are looking at the ‘front’, then count back, but ignore the loop still on the hook.