Treble crochet

The treble crochet is a little taller than a double crochet.

1. Skip first 4 chain stitches (will count as the turning chain).

2. Yarn over hook twice.

3. Insert hook from front to back in the center of the fifth chain from the hook.

4. Yarn over, draw the yarn through the chain.

5.There are 4 loops on hook.

6. Yarn over.

7. Draw yarn through 2 loops on hook.

8. There are 3 loops remain on hook.

9. Yarn over.

10. Draw yarn through 2 loops on hook.

11. There are 2 loops remain on hook.

12. Yarn over.

13. Draw through 2 loops on hook.

14. One triple crochet has been formed.

To begin the second row, turn your work. Chain four for the turning chain.

Skip the first triple crochet below the turning chain. Yarn over (twice), insert hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the next triple crochet in the row below, [yarn over, draw yarn through 2 loops on] 3 times (first triple crochet complete). Repeat this step in each triple crochet across and in the top of the turning chain at the end of the row.

vareta doble