Simple Baby Hats

Baby Hats
(10, 12 and 18 months)

Cast on 32/34/36 sts. on needle size 4 1/5 mm./ US 6
Knit two by two ribbing (8 rows), on next row continue in stockinette/stocking stitch until piece measures 12/13/14 cm (4¾'', 51/8", 5½"). On next row dec.
Decreasing stitches:
row 1, 3 and 5 (RS): *k3, k3tog* rep from * to end.
row 2, 4 and 6: P all sts.
row 7: Cut the work from the ball of yarn leaving around 6 inches for sewing up and thread a needle with this end. Thread the cast off end through the stitches on the needle.

Make two pieces and sew
Make one pompon and sew
To join yarn and change colors in knitting:
- Joining New Yarn